Increase Testosterone, Muscle, and Energy.

High testosterone levels can fight aging, boost libido, build muscle, and burn fat. HgTrophin is proven to boost testosterone levels. Increase libido, build muscle, burn fat and fight aging with HgTrophin.

15 Day Loading Period: Take 4 capsules of HgTrophin every night before bed. After 15 days, take 2-4 capsules every night.

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Increase Size, Strength and Passion.

Blood flow is the key to incredible sexual and athletic performance. MgPump is scientifically designed to drive blood flow, energy and stamina where you need it most.

15 Day Loading Period: Take 4 capsules of MgPump every morning (or just before a workout, or sexual activity). After 15 days, take 2-4 capsules daily.

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Promote a Healthy, Clean, and Energetic Body.

We face daily pollutants from the air, poor diet, excessive alcohol, excessive caffeine, lack of exercise and high stress. These toxins cause health problems including reduced sex drive, gas, bloating, headaches, and reduced energy levels. CgDetox consists of 3 separate cleansing blends working together to provide rapid results.

Take 2 capsules of CgDetox first thing in the morning.

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Exclusive to Tanning Products Today.

Everyone knows the secret to bodybuilding competitions is the proper tan!

You need to walk on stage, or into the pool party looking dark, tanned and as muscular as possible.

We bring you two of the best tanning support products ever developed:

Black Storm and Paint It Black

These two products when used together will amplify your tan and get you the super dark, fitness stage ready appearance you are looking for.

Select your combo pack based on how far out your competition is.

Remember you need to use both of these tanning accelerator products to reach your maximum potential!